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Gilbjergstien and Søren Kierkegaard’s monument

Rekindle your inner philosopher. Follow in the footsteps of world-famous philosopher Søren Kirkegaard, along Gilbjergsti, a 2.5 km long protected path. Let your thoughts fly and enjoy the view.

Gilbjerghoved is not far from beeing Zealand's northernmost point, in fact only one kilometer. There are wonderful views from the up to 33 m high cliffs over the water to Kullen in Sweden. En route you pass Gilbjergstenen and monument for Soren Kirkegaard.
The Søren Kierkegaard Stone is a monument to Denmark´s world-renowned philosopher, who as long ago as 1835 was one of the first tourists to appreciate the peace and tranquillity here which allowed him to think through many of his ideas and later commit them to paper.